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#08 Holistic Sex Industry | w/ Dex Parker, Wendy Striplogy & Shane Sparks

#08 Holistic Sex Industry | w/ Dex Parker, Wendy Striplogy & Shane Sparks

November 27, 2020

Dex Parker, Wendy Striplogy, and Shane Sparks join Paisley for a chat about Adult Industry Stigma, Coming out process, and conscious porn.

Dex Parker is Pansexual Switch with a specialization in erotic creation and education. He speaks to not only the body but also the mind and spirit, speaking to a more holistic and erotic approach to adult work and entertainment. “My aim and purpose is to invigorate, enrich, and uplift the sexual energy that resides within us all. We are all sexual beings, and we all have the capacity to find deeper experiences of sexual empowerment through more than just the physical body. I am here to guide you, and also to learn alongside you as I offer my raw and unfiltered journey towards my own truest expression.”

Wendy has worked in the stripping industry for 10+ years. Her background prior to this was in the field of biotechnology. Stripping has always been her passion and has lead her on a path of self-discovery and spirituality. These discoveries in turn helped her to refine her skills as a stripper and lead her to create a business that offers education and support for the industry. Wendy studied sales, NLP master prac, hypnosis, yoga, and meditation, basically anything and everything she came across which she felt could be applied in the world of stripping. Her coaching and courses are aimed to empower other strippers on their journey, so they too, can enjoy the fruits of this amazing industry!

Sparks began tying in early 2015 with Emerald where he soon found a passion for rope. Learning quickly both locally and traveling interstate at every chance to further knowledge. Sparks began an educational role in 2016 and not long thereafter they began teaching and performing interstate. Rope has since carried through to traveling to Japan to further continue his education. It was this trip where Sparks was accepted into the position of deshi to Nawashi Kanna Sensei and received his teaching certificate in the style of Kanna-Ryu. Making him 1 of 2 Deshi’s & certified Kanna-Ryu instructors worldwide.​

#07 Heal Your Sexual Trauma | W/ Shaney Marie, Cam Fraser & Victoria Redbard

#07 Heal Your Sexual Trauma | W/ Shaney Marie, Cam Fraser & Victoria Redbard

November 20, 2020

Shaney Marie, Cam Fraser, and Victoria Redbard join Paisley for a chat about Sexuality Leaders, Taboo Desires, and Fem vs Masc.

Shaney Marie is a renowned transformational leader & creative consultant in the realm of erotic mysteries. A guide for those who recognise that there is a greater awakening to be had regarding the power of sexual majesty and the sacred erotic codes of consciousness. “Sex Witch to the Stars” Shaney is a personal mentor to actors, actresses, and popular musicians from Australia and the USA.

Cam is a Sex Coach, Relationship Counsellor, Sexologist, and Tantric Yoga Teacher. A world traveler, Cam speaks on topics such as sex and relationships by drawing from a depth of relatable life experiences. From relationships to intimacy to sex to masculinity, Cam comfortably brings a new, unique, and professional perspective to these discussions.

Victoria is a speaker, author, researcher, open relating expert, and founder of The Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy. She has studied tantra and sexuality in many countries and now resides in the Gold Coast Australia helping people access flow states through tantric practices. Her Sexuality School The Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy offers deep learning into the psycho-social and somatic aspects of cutting edge sexuality education, that is impacting the globe and creating cultural change worldwide.

#06 Drugs or Spirit Medicines? | w/ Caiyu Kiora, Joel Camp & Elise West

#06 Drugs or Spirit Medicines? | w/ Caiyu Kiora, Joel Camp & Elise West

August 10, 2020

Caiyu Kiora, Joel Camp & Elise West join Paisley for a chat about Altered States, Channeling & Spirit Teachers.

Caiyu Kiora is a ceremonialist, student of sacred medicine, host of the podcast "Birdsong with Caiyuda Kiora", and the founder of, both of which explore all things related to the path of shamanism, nature-based spirituality, earth-honouring traditions, ceremony, ritual, rites of passage, storytelling, myth, and a remembering of the sacred ways.

Joel Camp is a Herbal alchemist, Kitchen Wizard, Sex magician, Psychonaught, Lover, traveller on the Poison Path.

Elise West is the owner and creative director of Madlore, a brand of alcoholic elixirs that weave magic and metaphor into liquid. Madlore's grand mission is returning the collective perception of alcohol back to one of reverence and acknowledgement for the medicine it holds.

#05 Cult Leaders w/ Modalities | with Dane Tomas, Vanessa Florence & Simon Thakur

#05 Cult Leaders w/ Modalities | with Dane Tomas, Vanessa Florence & Simon Thakur

August 3, 2020

Dane Tomas, Vanessa Florence & Simon Thakur join Paisley for a chat about Starting A Modality, Cultural Appropriation & Cult Leaders.

Dane Tomas is the founder of The Spiral. His central philosophy is that integrating the un-owned parts of ourselves is how we become whole. He also believes that we aren’t psychologically or spiritually mature until we master the so-called “lower” areas of sexuality, money, and power.  Over the last 20+ years, Dane has been exploring these themes as an artist, facilitator, author, and creative entrepreneur.

Vanessa Florence is a prolific and passionate writer, mentor, speaker, and artist known for her courage, rawness, and authenticity. Founder of Dancing Eros, co-founder of Celebrating Sexuality Festival and women's spoken word event Mother Tongue her work continually breaks ground, creates culture, awakens new levels of consciousness, and opens others up to their true expression and power.

Simon Thakur is the founder of Ancestral Movement, a movement and mind-body practice exploring the evolutionary history and ecology of the human species and all life on earth. Rehabilitation, performance, and deep nature connection, comparative anatomy, ethology, anthropology, and neuroscience.

#04 Pain in your Purpose | w/ Leah Steele, Sigourney Belle & Yana Dzedze

#04 Pain in your Purpose | w/ Leah Steele, Sigourney Belle & Yana Dzedze

July 27, 2020

Leah Steele, Sigourney Belle & Yana Dzedze join Paisley for a chat about Women’s Work, Growing Pains & The Other Woman.

Leah is a Wealth Alchemist, Spiritual Business Coach, Emotional Resonance Clearing Practitioner, and Soul Diviner.  Her purpose is to inspire and empower missions of people to wake up, repattern their wealth programming, and reclaim their divine right to BE WEALTHY. The word wealthy comes from two words WELL and HEALTHY. Leah teaches holistic wealth as a means to simultaneously achieve infinite divine and human potential. 

Sigourney Belle is an International Bestselling Author, Spiritual Teacher, Philantropathist, Investor & Founder and Director of The Wildgrace Movement.  Here to change the paradigm of Business & Relationships, she has been featured recently on Business Insider, Morning Star, Yahoo News, Medium and more.

Yana Dzedze's work is devoted to bettering the world by bettering the relationship you have with yourself. Yana believes the most effective form of change is found within. Yana is an advanced Spiral Practitioner and works with a combination of tools, including: Emotional Clearing, Coaching, Embodiment Tools, Lived Teachings, Traditional Ancestral Connection.


#03 Queens of Ritual Photography | w/ Bea Maz & Aleira Moon

#03 Queens of Ritual Photography | w/ Bea Maz & Aleira Moon

July 20, 2020

Aleira Moon & Bea Maz join Paisley for a chat about Ritual Photography, Creating Aesthetics & Intentional Branding.

Aleira Moon is a contemporary artist, photographer & mentor for creatives based in Melbourne, Australia.  Holding a BA in Photography, trainee as an Art Therapist & more than 13 years behind the lens professionally, Aleira’s creative passion thrives in liminal space where she is led by inspired self-expression.

Bea Maz is a transformational coach, healer, and photographer. As a photographer, Bea facilitates transformational expansion through the art of being seen. Through combining Bea's healing work with the medium of photography I help creatives, empaths, and soulpreneurs activate their honest expression and receive their own medicine, which initiates them into the next level of their growth and the growth of their business.

#02 Worldwide Men’s Work | w/ Ben Bidwell, Ken Cole & Tyran Mowbray

#02 Worldwide Men’s Work | w/ Ben Bidwell, Ken Cole & Tyran Mowbray

July 13, 2020

Ben Bidwell, Ken Cole, and Tyran Mowbray join Paisley for a chat about Men’s Work, The Mainstream & Vulnerability vs Honesty. 

Ben Bidwell is a mindset & purpose coach, writer & public speaker who is stripping back the conversation to change the stigma about mental health.

Ken Cole is first and foremost a proud father. An outdoorsman and lifelong community activist. Founder of HumaneKind, a non-profit creatively assisting the homeless. Leader of the JourneyMen, a men’s group embracing the full spectrum of the masculine. Living the most original life that I can and writing the script as I go. Learn to grow, grow to serve.

Tyran Mowbray is “A Man. A Bloke. A Lad.” Who has lived a very normal, ‘blokey’ life. After some life-changing events, he began a journey of self-inquisition. Tyran has been looking at these aspects of himself since 2014, which has led him around the world to learn from some of the leading facilitators in Conscious Sexuality, Spirituality, Shamanism, and Yoga.

#01 Stop Appropriation & Find Your Lineage | w/ Illuminati Congo, Luka Lesson & Alice Night

#01 Stop Appropriation & Find Your Lineage | w/ Illuminati Congo, Luka Lesson & Alice Night

July 6, 2020

Our first episode guests Illuminati Congo, Luka Lesson, and Alice Night who join Paisley for a chat about Cultural Appropriation, Finding your Lineage, and Racism. Come join us for a dive down the rabbit hole!!

Illuminati Congo is a Captivating Tantrik Rastafari Hip Hop artist, Kundalini Yoga + Rebirthing Breathwork teacher, and an author of multiple books.

Luka Lesson is a spoken word poet and rapper whose work engages with the Greek Mythology of his family homeland, the fiercely political, and the vulnerably self-reflective.

Alice Night’s alchemical mix of folk-music and performance art is acclaimed for its power and haunt. Marrying poetry, theatre, and the wild, Night's compositions are dark and hopeful lullabies for our times.

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