Curious Conversations with Paisley Heart

#12 Performing Authenticity | w/ ALPHAMAMA & Brendan Maclean

August 27, 2021

On today's episode, Paisley linked up with two of his favourite local multidisciplinary artists to talk about the diversity of authenticity, living life as performance and shifting culture with our art. Brendan Maclean & ALPHAMAMA share about their journeys into artistry, how to balance all their different artistic expressions + learning when to leave the mask on and when to take it off. 

Brendan Maclean is a self-managed singer and songwriter with Universal Publishing. Signed in 2014 after their debut single Stupid (Spotify: 6,000,000 streams) cracked through to a young, very online, market. Maclean followed this up with funbang1 in 2016.The electro-pop record won overAustralian audiences debuting #2 in the Australian Indenpendent Album Chartsand finding fresh international ears with three tracks synced to Nextflix's queer comedy series Eastsiders. The music video for the lead single House of Air (Vimeo: 6,800,000 streams) caused global controversy for its graphic content and was later crowned in theTop 5 videos of 2017 by New Yorkers Vulture Magazine. Adiverse and thriving talent, Brendan has been nominated for an ARIA for their work alongside Marcia Hines in the disco cabaret Velvet, made a cameo in Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby and is currently collaborating with life-long hero Paul Mac on new works.


ALPHAMAMA is the self professed Queen of Vulnerability. The Realest Bitch on The Internet. Passionate about liberating authentic human expression in all the ways. Music, Sex and Spirituality are her playground. Growing up as the daughter of an Indonesian preacher and a European South African Nurse, she is naturally gifted as a healer and truth speaker. She is an Advanced Spiral Practitioner and an experienced facilitator of various programs, workshops and retreats.  With venomous rap verses and womb deep wailing, her voice has been described as Honey Fire to soothe and ignite the soul. She is here to initiate you into fierce vulnerability and the authority of You.

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