Curious Conversations with Paisley Heart

#08 Holistic Sex Industry | w/ Dex Parker, Wendy Striplogy & Shane Sparks

November 27, 2020

Dex Parker, Wendy Striplogy, and Shane Sparks join Paisley for a chat about Adult Industry Stigma, Coming out process, and conscious porn.

Dex Parker is Pansexual Switch with a specialization in erotic creation and education. He speaks to not only the body but also the mind and spirit, speaking to a more holistic and erotic approach to adult work and entertainment. “My aim and purpose is to invigorate, enrich, and uplift the sexual energy that resides within us all. We are all sexual beings, and we all have the capacity to find deeper experiences of sexual empowerment through more than just the physical body. I am here to guide you, and also to learn alongside you as I offer my raw and unfiltered journey towards my own truest expression.”

Wendy has worked in the stripping industry for 10+ years. Her background prior to this was in the field of biotechnology. Stripping has always been her passion and has lead her on a path of self-discovery and spirituality. These discoveries in turn helped her to refine her skills as a stripper and lead her to create a business that offers education and support for the industry. Wendy studied sales, NLP master prac, hypnosis, yoga, and meditation, basically anything and everything she came across which she felt could be applied in the world of stripping. Her coaching and courses are aimed to empower other strippers on their journey, so they too, can enjoy the fruits of this amazing industry!

Sparks began tying in early 2015 with Emerald where he soon found a passion for rope. Learning quickly both locally and traveling interstate at every chance to further knowledge. Sparks began an educational role in 2016 and not long thereafter they began teaching and performing interstate. Rope has since carried through to traveling to Japan to further continue his education. It was this trip where Sparks was accepted into the position of deshi to Nawashi Kanna Sensei and received his teaching certificate in the style of Kanna-Ryu. Making him 1 of 2 Deshi’s & certified Kanna-Ryu instructors worldwide.​

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